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FAIRCLOTH, FLEET posted by Keith Raynor on Wednesday, October 1, 1997

FAIRCLOTH,Mark (b.1810), wife Penelope (Pennie), two childern that I know of are: William Mark, FLEET. The childern were born and raised in Sampson Co., NC. They moved to Cumberland Co., NC by the time they were married in the late 1850's because both childern are in the Cumberland County Census of 1860, but Mark and Penelope aren't in Sampson or Cumberland Co. Would like to find out what happened to them and who was Mark's father?

BOONE, HOWARD, MCLEOD, ROGERS posted by Carl Cummings on Tuesday, October 7, 1997

I am searching for information on John BOONE,b.abt1825, beleived to be born in Sampson county,NC.He had four sons and four daughters. Stephen BOONE, b.abt1850, Abe BOONE ,Nick BOONE, Henry BOONE and Rivenbark BOONE, Shipp BOONE, Chestnut BOONE and Rogers BOONE.Stephen BOONE m. Sarah HOWARD. she had two brothers,Joe and George HOWARD and three sisters. Stephen and Sarah had six sons and one daughter.Thomas Martin BOONE b. 23 Dec 1873, Clinton,Sampson county,NC,m. Mary MCLEOD of Sumter county SC. He died 2 Oct. 1928, Sumter county, SC., Jim BOONE lived in Chadborn, Columbus ,NC, D.Wright BOONE lived in Chappell Hill, Orange, NC., Daniel M BOONE lived in Long Beach, Calif. Leaman BOONE and George BOONE lived in Wallace, Duplin, NC and Mollie BOONE m. Daniel ROGERS please help if you have any info.

CROON, KEENER posted by Ronald W. Fletcher on Tuesday, October 7, 1997

I am looking for information on my 2nd ggf, John KEENER,one of the earliest settlers of Rabun Co., GA. He was born abt 1806 in NC, and married Margaret CROON of SC on 23 Dec 1830 in Rabun Co., GA. Records indicate that he was living in Rabun Co., GA during the 1820s. Perhaps he is descended from the KEENERs for whom Keener in Sampson Co., NC is named. I am willing to share information on his many descendants. .

PARKER, PETERSON, VANN posted by Annmarie Peterson on Wednesday, October 8, 1997

I am trying to find out information Re:Gibson Sloan PETERSON, he owned land and lived in Smithfield which is in Johnston County, prior to moving to Johnston county he lived in Wayne County. Born: July 22, 1823, Died: Sept. 7, 1896, Smithfield, Johnston County, Wife: Catherine Ann PARKER, Born: Sept. 22, 1830 Died: Sept. 7, 1897, Smithfield, Johnston County, her parents: Zachiria PARKER & Kitty VANN, Catherine lived in Smithfield, Johnston County. Children of Gibson & Catherine PETERSON were: Zachariah PETERSON, H. Luther PETERSON, born: 1849, Wayne county, Harley Alonza PETERSON, born: Sept. 7, 1850, Wayne County, Died: Aug. 6, 1918, Smithfield, Johnston county, M.C. PETERSON, born: May 3, 1854, Wayne county, Hezikiah PETERSON, born: Nov. 15, 1858, Wayne County, Died: Jan. 20, 1893, Smithfield, Johnston County, Jane Alice PETERSON, born: Nov. 9, 1859, Wayne County, Died: Jan. 23, 1930, Smithfield, Johnston County, Ella D. PETERSON, born: June 1861, Wayne County, Julius Robert PETERSON, Born: Aug. 5, 1866, Wayne County, Frances PETERSON, Born: 1868, Wayne County, Died: 1882, Smithfield, Johnston County, Omelia PETERSON, born: June 6, 1870, Wayne County. I am interested in "any" information that can be supplied, especially who his parents were, where he was born, his siblings names? Thanks! AP

PAGE, RACKLEY posted by Annie Fleetwood on Thursday, October 9, 1997

I am looking for information on John PAGE probably born around the turn of the century. His son Abraham PAGE b 15 Oct, 1820 in Sampson Co, N Carolina, married Sarah Ann RACKLEY in 1853. They both lived and died in Parkersburg, Bladen Co, N Carolina. The RACKLEY's and the PAGE's are linked many times by marriage.

QUINN posted by Jerry Bowman on Friday, October 10, 1997

O'QUINN - seeking info on Hardy, John, Ozekiel and Taylor O'Quinn who lived in Robeson County in 1800. My gr gr grandmother was a Nancy Ann O'Quinn who father was from NC and may have been named James H. O'Quinn. By 1870 a branch of this family is in Buchanan Co., VA.

DARDEN, MONK posted by Frank Bell on Saturday, November 8, 1997

I am researching the DARDEN and MONK families of Sampson County. Both lived in the area between Newton Grove and Clinton. Joseph Darden (d. 1816) is the earliest known Darden to date. Other Dardens were living in Sampson and Duplin County, NC at the same time. I am trying to connect these families as well. The Monk family is well researched, but I continue to collect historical information on the family.

BOON, OWENS, WILLIAMS posted by Taylor on Saturday, November 8, 1997

BOON I am looking for any information on the following Surnames: I am the ggg grandaughter of Julia BOON b 1850 I believe she married Henry BOON b 1840 She had a daughter named Selemia b 1875 and a son Coster 1882 plus their could have been other siblings. Julia lived in little Cohari and Roseboro and also stayed in Duplin County in the 1870s. WILLIAMS I am looking for the parents of Ellis WILLIAMS b 1856 married Margaret OWENS B 1864. They had the following children Maud b1897, Ella b1892 , Henry 1896 and Katie. Lived in Little cohari and Roseboro during 1900. OWENS I am looking for the parents and siblings of Margaret b 1864 and Katerine OWENS b1866. This is all the information I have on them.

CRUMPLER posted by Betty Cruise on Saturday, November 8, 1997

Please advise of any information you might have concerning John CRUMPLER, Sr. who was born in the early 1700s and immigrated from England (country of) and moved to Sampson County, NC from the the Isle of Wright, Virginia. I have information that his son John CRUMPLER, Jr. might have been born there.

STEPHENS posted by Mildred S. Laney on Saturday, November 8, 1997

Edward STEPHENS, born 1772 Duplin Co NC, died 1821 Sampson Co NC.

BROCK, HENRY, ITHA, PERCISE, PERSISE, PRECISE, PRECYTHE posted by Bill Brock on Saturday, November 8, 1997

I wish to include the name PRECISE. Through the years this name has undergone several changes in spelling, but I believe this is the correct spelling. It has also been PERSISE, PERCISE, etc.and for the last couple of generations PRECYTHE. They have been in Piney Grove Township in Sampson County and more recently in Faison, N.C. They have also been in Wayne County for many years. I have been attempting to trace them for several years but have had some difficulty because of the spelling. My mother was ITHA PRECYTHE BROCK, her father: HENRY C. PRECYTHE, my great grandfather: Joseph PRECISE, my great great grandfather: John PRECISE. I know there were some PRECISE in Virginia in several counties,but I have been unable to connect them up thus far, although I am still working on it. I would be quite happy if I could find the parents of John Precise. I will be glad to furnish additional information on the PRECISE-PRECYTHE familes should anyone wish.

AUTREY posted by Sandy on Saturday, November 8, 1997

I should have sent the county information along to begin with. My records show Cornelius AUTREY was born in Pitt Co, or Edgecombe Co. between 1740 and 1747. They then went to Sampson Co. Some of the Autreys went to Cumberland, NC but they were not my branch. My people came on south to Georgia in 1818.

POITEVIN, POITEVINT, TREADWELL posted by Tara Barrett on Saturday, November 8, 1997

Looking for information on Issac POITEVINT and wife Elizabeth TREADWELL. Trying to find out if John T POITEVINT that went into Screven Co Ga was their son. If not, then who was their son? I have 2300 descendants of Antoine POITEVIN Sr & will be happy to help Poitevint researchers.

STRINGFIELD posted by T. DeWitt Smith, Jr. on Saturday, November 8, 1997

My grandmother was born October 3, 1874 in Sampson County, NC. Her father's name was Holley STRINGFIELD. Our family is uncertain of her mother's name, who passed away while she was still a young child. We do know that her Stepmother's name was Ella. 1. We would like the name of her mother, with her maiden name, please. 2. We would like her Stepmother's maiden name. 3. If there are any names of Henrietta's siblings, please provide that. Thank you for helping us put together our genealogy.

STRINGFIELD posted by T. DeWitt Smith, Jr. on Saturday, November 8, 1997

I am trying to find out information on my grandmother's mother. My grandmother was born Henrietta Esabella STRINGFIELD, Oct.3, 1874 in Sampson County, NC. Her father's name was Holley STRINGFIELD. We do not know her mother's name. Her mother passed away while my grandmother was an infant. She did have a stepmother, Ella STRINGFIELD, but I do not have her maiden name.

FAIRFAX, FAIRIES, HOLLAND, WELLS posted by Dan Fairfax on Saturday, November 8, 1997

I am researching Elias FAIRFAX, born 1820-1826, Sampson County, m. Sarah Wells February 8, 1844, Marriage Bond No. 000072407, Bondsman - Burrel F. WELLS, Witness - Issac HOLLAND, per Sampson County Library Microfilm Record...but the entry states "Elias M. FAIRIES", do you have a way of locating a copy of the Marriage Bond? Also, do you have any info on the WELLS Family or our FAIRFAX Family in Sampson County? Did a FAIRIES family exist or is this a definite miss-spelling of the name FAIRFAX?

SIMMONS, SIMONS posted by Tin Lady on Saturday, November 8, 1997

Looking for information on John (#2) SIMMONS who's will was probated in Sampson County in 1807. He listed three sons: Sherwood, Jeremiah and John (#3). John #2 was the son of John (#1) SIMONS who's will was probated in 1742 in Craven County. I am most interested in info on the three sons: Sherwood, Jeremiah and John.

GODWIN, LAYTON posted by Corinne Hackett on Saturday, November 8, 1997

Need any information on Joshua GODWIN or Elizabeth LAYTON , approx 1810 - 1820? Joshua died prior to 15 April 1877 when his will was proven in Cumberland Co. Joshua and Elizabeth had at least 4 children born in Sampson Co. Simeon GODWIN b. 1845, Spicey GODWIN b. 1847, Allmon GODWIN b. 1849 and Delia GODWIN b. 1852. Need parents of Joshua and Elizabeth. Any information on birth dates, dates of death, marriage or place of burial would be most appreciated.

ODOM posted by Fred Odom on Friday, November 14, 1997

ODOM..seeking parents, siblings of Riley ODOM,b.1796, Sampson, m. Sophia Strickland abt 1820,also Sampson. Left abt 1826 for McNairy Co., TN with two other relatives...Jacob and Jesse ODOM. Have extensive files.

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