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Can anyone help with these queries?


My name is Brenda Harris and I am seeking information on my great 
grandfather Shadrach Emanuel born 1833. He was 
married to Flora Elizabeth born in 1871. By the 1900 census they were 
living in Georgia I think in Emanuel county.
But they were both born in Sampson county NC. 

I had heard since I was a kid that my great great grandfather (father 
of Shadrach) was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian
living on a reservation in either Raleigh or Richmond. I can't find 
anything to confirm that and I was hoping you 
could help me. 

I know Shadrach and Flora along with their children and many nieces and 
nephews were on both the 1900
and 1910 census and I found Nicholas Emanuel 150-01-0 and Ephraim Emanuel 
500-1-0 in the 1784-86 census.
And in the 1790 census I found the following persons in the column titled: 
all other free persons except, Indians, not taxed.
Ephraim Emanuel 3 persons, Jesse Emanuel 6 persons, Levi Emanuel 5, 
Nicholas Emanuel 5, and John Emanuel 5 persons.

By the way what does that mean? All other free persons except, Indians not 
Hope you can help. My family is very anxious to learn about our family 
history. We would very much like to create a family
tree to pass on to our families.

Email direct at: 
Brenda Harris
Posted December 6, 2011 I am trying to find information on an abandoned school in Sampson Co. I tried to find something online, but I did not find much, so now I decided to find someone to ask about it. We were visiting my in-laws in Dunn this weekend and we drove past it and I was very curious about it since I love old buildings and anything historic. We went back the next day and took some pictures of it and I just wanted to find out the history behind it. If you don't already know what school I am talking about, it is on Hwy 701 next to Halls Fire Dept. I did find the information on it being used by Tarheel Challenge in the 90s, other than that I could not find anything out. Can you help me? I would like to know anything about it. When was it built? When did it close? Name? What was it used for? And anything else you could tell me if you know. If you cannot help me, can you direct me to someone who can? Also, as a side note, we also passed a huge brick home that was being overtaken by weeds and it had also fallen in on itself, but still looked beautiful. I believe it was on 421 at a crossroads south of Clinton. Can you tell me anything about this place? Email direct at:
Rebecca Emilson
Posted December 6, 2011 I'm researching the Ashford surname. Daniel Ashford, born 1795 in Turkey, Sampson and married to Margaret, Frank Ashford. Born in 1836 in Turkey, Sampson and married to Catherine, Andrew Ashford born 1888 and died in Wayne county in 1917. All were slaves (except Andrew) and owned by a William Ashford , who was also born in Turkey Sampson, in 1765. I'm researching all and any information related to the Ashford surname before during and after the dates mentioned above. Any help you could give me with my research would be greatly appreciated Email direct at:
Paul Ashford
Posted December 6, 2011 I would like to know if anyone has any info on Annie Bass Tyndall or Annie Tyndall Bass of Roseboro in Sampson County. She married my g-uncle Paul Henderson Wheeler on 8 Nov 1979 in Sampson County. Email direct at:
Doug Critcher
Posted December 6, 2011 BENNETT, John Born 1 Nov 1763 Died 11 May 1849 or 50. Son of Thomas BENNETT and Mary ---. Both Thomas (Duplin Co) and John were Rev War soldiers. Married Sarah REGISTER, dau of John REGISTER (RS) and Dorcas Rowell, 22 Dec 1803 in Sampson Co. Fathered 8 children with Sarah. They moved to Georgia 1827/8 (Clinch Co) and followed Sarah's family to Bulloch Co after birth iof their first child, Dixon. Other children in order were Elizabeth, Mary (Pollie), Felix, Abraham, Dicy, Wiley, George, and Redding. Ga records indicate that John and sons fought in the Indian war (Capt Sweat's Company Militia) in 1838 and is reported to have been in the 3rd Regt of NC Militia, formed in 1814. Email direct at:
Bob Bennett
Posted December 6, 2011 After reviewing the death certificate of a relative who passed in the Clinton/Roseboro area, I noticed that the he was buried in what is called the Boone Family Cemetery, Sampson County. He was buried by the Carter Funeral Home in Garand, NC (Probably Garland)(not clear on the certif.) I am curious to know if such a cemetery exists. the relative's name is Willie Lee Boone. Thanks for any assistance anyone can give. Email direct at:
Kevin Boone
Posted December 6, 2011 Boone, Loubertha children of hers : Earl Davis Boone Raised by: George Washington and Mary Boone in McDaniels, Sampson County North Carolina (1930 United States Federal Census) Siblings: Fanny L. Boone(3 yo) and Retha M. Boone (2 yo) 1930 US federal Census It is told to me that Loubertha who is my father's mother, was adopted by GW Boones family. I am also told that her birth surname is Owen(s) and her birth mother's name is Estelle Owen(s). Email direct at:
Kevin Boone
Posted December 6, 2011 I am searching for information on John BOONE, b.abt 1825, believed to be born in Sampson county,NC.He had four sons and four daughters. Stephen BOONE, b.abt 1850, Abe BOONE , Nick BOONE, Henry BOONE and Rivenbark BOONE, Shipp BOONE, Chestnut BOONE and Rogers BOONE.Stephen BOONE m. Sarah HOWARD. she had two brothers, Joe and George HOWARD and three sisters. Stephen and Sarah had six sons and one daughter.Thomas Martin BOONE b. 23 Dec 1873, Clinton, Sampson county,NC m. Mary MCLEOD of Sumter county SC. He died 2 Oct. 1928, Sumter county, SC., Jim BOONE lived in Chadborn, Columbus ,NC, D.Wright BOONE lived in Chappell Hill, Orange, NC., Daniel M BOONE lived in Long Beach, Calif. Leaman BOONE and George BOONE lived in Wallace, Duplin, NC and Mollie BOONE m. Daniel ROGERS please help if you have any info. Email direct at:
Carl Cummings
Posted December 6, 2011 FAIRCLOTH, Mark (b.1810), wife Penelope (Pennie), two childern that I know of are: William Mark, FLEET. The childern were born and raised in Sampson Co., NC. They moved to Cumberland Co., NC by the time they were married in the late 1850's because both childern are in the Cumberland County Census of 1860, but Mark and Penelope aren't in Sampson or Cumberland Co. Would like to find out what happened to them and who was Mark's father? Email direct at:
Keith Raynor
Posted December 6, 2011 I am interested in some help with locating my G-Grandfather and his parents information. His name is Rhoney H. Honeycutt b. 28 Apr 1874 in Sampson County NC & d. 19 Sep 1945 in Williamson County Texas. I know his fathers name is Charles Honeycutt & mothers name Amie, from the death certificate, however, I can not find anything about them in NC. No census No birth certificates, etc. My dad remembers that he was raised by an Uncle Berry, but I have no idea about this as well. If you could help me in anyway I would appreciate it Email direct at:
Tamara Carter
Posted December 6, 2011

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