Bradshaw Cemetery

Sampson County, NC

Surveyed by Judy Bradshaw December 2011

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the Bradshaw Cemetery in Sampson County, NC.

Location on Harrells Hwy (Hwy 411) just before you cross the Black River to the farm of Amos McLamb.

Contributors Notes: My husband is Charles Clifton Bradshaw and Calvin Strong Bradshaw was his great grandfather.

Charles’ grandfather, Albert Strong Bradshaw, left Sampson County in the 1930’s. After his death, the family lost contact with the family members who remained in Sampson County and surrounding areas. When the last child of Calvin Strong Bradshaw and Margaret Louise Herring Bradshaw, Mary Jane Bradshaw Malpass, (Aunt Janie), died in 1968 she was buried in the cemetery and was the last person to be buried there. The land was eventually sold and the cemetery abandoned.

My husband was interested in re-establishing contact with his cousins in the area. Through the internet he was able to find a distant cousin, Doug Bradshaw, who was also a great grandson of Calvin Strong Bradshaw. Doug knew where the homeplace and cemetery was, having attended the funeral of Aunt Janie in 1968. We were able to meet Doug and he took us to Clear Run to the farm of Amos McLamb. Clear Run is located on Hwy 411 just before you cross the Black River. We were able to find the cemetery about a half mile from the road on Mr. McLamb’s farm. It is situated close to the banks of the Black River. It was very much overgrown. We made arrangements to come again with tools and as many family members that were interested, and with Mr. McLamb’s help, were able to clear the cemetery. Some of the stones were broken and had fallen over, but we were able to repair them and stand them up again. All of the stones were facing the river.

We took pictures of the site as we cleared it and of the stones as well. The tombstones of Calvin and his wife, Margaret, Iva Bradshaw Rogers, her husband, J A Rogers appear to be homemade. Mr. Rogers’ stone had fallen over and broken in several pieces. We attempted to repair the stone with adhesive, but are sure how well the adhesive will hold. Sea shells had been pressed into the stones which was unusual to us, but may be quite common in the Sampson County area. I would like to know more about this custom.

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    The epitaphs are as follows:

    CS Bradshaw Died Feb 22 1925 MU Bradshaw Dec 23 1809 Jan 19 1924 Rhomie Son of RR & MJ Powell Mar 4 1922 Oct 17 1925 Mary Jane B Malpass Feb 7 1882 Feb 27 1968 MM Unreadable from photo Randall Powell North Carolina Pvt 324 Inf 81 Div Nov 11 1933 I V B R Nov 20 1947 Age 67 JA Rogers Apr 3 1880 Oct 31 1927

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